Prenatal Massage Incentives

Just a quick note to let you know I am starting an incentive program for pregnant mothers to receive the very most they can out of their prenatal health care with massage therapy. As with all holistic health measures, the best and most far-reaching benefits result from frequent and consistent practice. So of course, prenatal massage is no different!

Prenatal massage has been proven to lower incidents rates of premature infants, low birth weight, postpartum depression, relieve pain, and improve relationships (and postpartum depression in fathers) when partners practice massage together during the pregnancy. Who wouldn’t love to benefit from that!? 🙂

With these prenatal massage packages, an expectant mother can purchase a massage program to get her on schedule and receive a discount as well. Here are the options:

1st Trimester Massage Package:
2 massages during the first trimester,1 massage/mo for the 2nd trimester, and 2 massages/mo for the 3rd trimester which is: 11 massages for the price of $550, $165 in savings!

2nd Trimester Massage Package:
1 massage/mo for the 2nd trimester and 2 massages/mo for the 3rd trimester which is:
9 massages for the price of $450, a savings of $135.

3rd Trimester Massage Package:
6 massages for the price of $300, a savings of $90.

Any of the 6 massages intended for the 3rd trimester that are left over upon the baby’s birth will be valid for use during the infant’s first three months of life.

***For November only, for any package purchased, Mother & Partner can enroll in one of my 3 hour workshops “Pregnancy Massage for Couples” for only $15! 50% off the regular price!***

Please email me at to get started! More info regarding other services can be found at:
Some restrictions apply. Please contact Heidi Jae for more details.

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