What is Yoga?

I’ve decided to post some of my writings for my yoga teacher training. This is the first of much more to come….. Namasté

1. What is Yoga?

Yoga is as beautiful as our Universe and its laws because it is as individual as every person that comprises it, yet it is as systematic as the laws that govern it. Yoga is as simple as my given name and as intricate as the cells and their actions that comprise my body. It all depends upon how deeply you want or need to look at it that regulates what you discover.

To me, yoga is creation and the space between creation: life and death, as well as consciousness and unconsciousness (awareness). There are many ways to see this spectrum outside of yoga, as well as within the vast practices of yoga.

In my perception of it, I see the energetic pulse of yoga as Truth. Truth governs our creative process in our lives (the Truth of our desire) and highly influences how receptive we are to death and the spaces between our creations, whether or not we are conscious of our truths.

Of course, our truth in asana is very obvious. We are in/out of balance today. We are strong/tired. We are flexible/inflexible. Truths come to us in our asana practice through what our mind speak is while we are in practice, yet the role of truth in yoga is much larger.

Truth is relative to each and every one of us; between our hearts and minds there is no faking what our truth is. When we live in truth, we live in purity. When we know our truth, yet act differently; we are creating an energetic “soot” within our pure form, which then becomes karma, which we need to come to terms with eventually.

This of course, can happen consciously and unconsciously and through a spectrum of time that we may not yet fully understand. Therefore, the practices found within the 8-limb path of yoga help awaken our consciousness for self-actualization and to purify our self and our actions for our ascension in our lifetimes.

This can be felt through experiencing more joy, love, and peace in our experience on Earth, and I believe if practiced with intention, can assist us in our death process and potential reincarnations.

Wow! Yoga is a really deep mental journey if we’re up for a trip, and it’s also as simple as a smile. 🙂


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