My side-bar items

Because I feel like I might update them as time goes on. As of 12/24/10 here’s what they were:


Mother Teresa said that we cannot do great things in this world, that we can only do small things, with great love. Such comfort these words are to my passionate, compassionate heart.

*I dream of a world where we love ourselves like the children we are, where we honor our Divine Mother, this Earth with such respect that living in harmony with her rhythms becomes more important than any monetary gain.

*I dream of connecting with you and our brothers and sisters on this Earth and dancing in celebration for this fantastic gift of life, or at least sharing a smile and a hello when we pass on the street.

*I am not afraid of my pain, or yours and offer a soft, connected gaze of my eye to speak more than any words of advice to those in need of expressing their suffering. I love you and I will not judge you in your moment of need for you and I, truly are one.




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