Top 10 Words

I must confess, I don’t actually even own a baby book for Lucas. But, I do know that I have been pretty good about keeping a log of his life via photos, posts online, and he even had his own blog for a little while over at
which might get resurrected. I grew tired of the blogspot interface and wanted to try some other options out. Until I figure out where his blog will reside, I guess I will keep posting photos at and use this site as he is and has been the biggest inspiration for the culmination of all that is “Jae Mama!”

I have been meaning to write a list of his current vocabulary and keep track of them as they develop. I already feel like I can’t keep up with him as its apparent he speaks new sounds, words, sometimes combining them, to communicate with James or I at spit-fire pace. I don’t feel too bad now about not keeping up with our sign language as he knows a few signs and seems to be jumping right into voicing his needs. Although, I do think I will expand his sign language along side his speaking. It is a joy to watch him communicate and explore his world so full-heartedly. 🙂

So this is a list of his vocabulary, as of today, and the order in which he said them.

1st word: Mama – 7mo — Side note, I didn’t “count” this right away until it started happening frequently & with proper context.

2nd word: Dada – 8 or 9mo

3rd word: Bubba – 8 or 9mo

4th word: Dog  – 14mo   — Shortly after calling dogs, dog. All animals are called dog. Which shows me that he’s intelligent enough to know, ‘Hey, that aint no person, plant, or regular ol’ thing. Its a living breathing… dog.’ errr… animal.

5th word: Frog (pronounced: Og) – 14mo

6th word: Light  – 14mo — This quickly became his new favorite word. Sometimes, pronounced “I-ght.”

7th word: That –  15mo  — That/Dat replaced every other word that he’d learned for a while.

8th word: Done/All done. – 15mo  –Sometimes the “ne” is almost silent. And the “All done” is “Ah Do’n”

9th word: Zack – 15mo. — Which notes his first word/name of anyone outside of Mama, Dada, & Bubba. He sure loves his cousin Zack!

10th word: Ball. – 15.5 mo.  By far his new favorite word and thing… well, right along side the other “Ball” which really means is a balloon. When he spies one out in public he quickly proclaims: :”BALLOON!!! GIMME THAT BALLOON! LOOK ITS A BALLOON!!! ” Which is pronounced: “SQUEEK! SQUEAL! SCREAM!”

I may have somehow left a couple words out, and I very well could’ve transposed some of the words here… But essentially, this is “the list” which will someday take physical form so that Luke (as I am sometimes calling him now) can look back on them and appreciate his first words.