Water your emotions.

With the grace of courage,
Heat of witness, and
Trust of presence, Let go and
Truth will do the all work for you

And bear gifts all along the way.

Our hearts know no Love like we are about to receive.
Clean up, make room, and don’t worry about the “mess” it takes to make it.
Just watch and breathe.

Let yourself be moved,
releasing the burden
of toting your ego…

There is just too much Love
not to get swept away.



Dark Swell (Installation Documentation), by Georgie Friedman, 2010 from georgie friedman on Vimeo. http://www.georgiefriedman.com




Its been on my mind lately.
As has yoga.

I am so very excited, and a wee bit nervous in a great way, to make my triumphant return to teaching yoga! This Sunday at Sage Yoga and Wellness I will be teaching their FREE Karma Yoga class from 10-11am.

Sunday we will explore the concepts of liberation in our bodies and in our yoga practice. It’ll be fun as we explore ideas like impermanence, prana, movement, liberation, creation, and JOY! All in the beautiful space of Sage Yoga Studio, above Bittercreek & Red Feather on 8th Street in downtown Boise.


Teaching yoga fell into my lap and it took me a little while to become comfortable with it. It still causes me a healthy amount of stress when considering classes, but this is a seed of my inspiration and it helps me examine the world around me, and my place in it from a yogic standpoint. Which is easily one of my favorite parts of teaching yoga. It keeps me grounded, holds me accountable, and it gives me boundless potential to observe and chose the lens from which I see the world.

Yogis do hold deep wisdoms and have gained insights through deep meditation and lifetimes of asana. But I am here to tell you that if you just start by paying attention and observing everything in your life through the eyes of a reverent artist, you too will be well on your way to becoming a yogi in my book!

But lets not forget the asanas, aka yoga poses… they have a beautiful way of expanding our reverent-artist-lens repertoire. So join me Sunday as we explore yoga together! I am very happy to take a small break in my role as student, to shift my mat to the front of the room and hold space, set intention, and maintain focus for us as we embark upon a wondrous yogic adventure together.



Heidi Jae has instructed yoga for Boise State University’s Recreation Center for 3 years, has studied yoga through YogaFit, and is currently enrolled in the Shanti Yoga school 200RYT program.


Happens when we let go.

Little inconveniences in life, that usually mean a change in our “plan,” can turn into deep, wondrous, amazing things when we give up, jump in, and let go!

Fortunately these things don’t always mean a major life event, making us feel like we’ve hit our breaking point and forcing us to give-in. They can be as insignificant as misplacing our keys.

Every day is magic.

When life hands you a new idea, do you stop to look, listen and wonder what waits in store?

Burning Man has taught me a few things about liberation and freedom. One thing in particular is that nothing ever works out the way that you think it will or should. However, if you trust that whatever you want or wish for will surface, you can enjoy the experience and marvel at the seemingly magical and spontaneous gift from the Universe… that *you* in fact created.

Every day is magic.
…Do you see it?

Jai. Trust!


… is Receiving.

It too is a gift.When we give ourselves the time and space to let it pour through our hearts, bodies, and maybe even our eyes. It opens us up and allows more to come in and through.

Grief affirmations or mantras:

  • I cultivate my empowerment through expressing and releasing my grief.
  • I am not my grief, but my awareness of my grief.
  • I open myself up to more Light, Love, and Joy in this cleansing process.
  • I am Love in all of its forms. I am Love.
  • I give myself this time to grieve, and then I return to me, to be. (A great tool if you just want to give yourself a specific amount of time to sit with the grief.)
  • Om Mani Padme Hum // May all beings to be free from suffering.
Grief is often a sign of transformation occurring in our lives. When we come into an awareness of our new-found growth, joys, or place in life through the experience we grieve, we can bring our perspective into that of gratitude.
Freely forgive yourself for wanting to judge your grief process, if that comes up for you as it can for me, and remind yourself that we will always be children of the Universe. We will always be learning and growing. Give yourself permission to Love yourself as though you are your own child; unconditionally.
Turning to creative outlets in the process of grief is a wonderful tool for emotions to come into form and leave your body. Tears do not have to be synonymous with grief, although they can be helpful! Paint, draw, write, turn to music, or move through deeply seeded emotions without any need to understand them. Eventually, there might even come a feeling of gratitude or celebration for the process of the grief itself.
* Do you have any rhythms or rituals surrounding your grief process? 
* What creative outlets do you turn to, to release or comfort yourself through grief? 
* Do you have a favorite affirmation or mantra to support your grief process? 
In celebration for the gift of life, Jai!

Universe starts with U.

Its easy to get caught up in any area of the world’s suffering. Especially for me. I love to help, I love to hear people’s stories regardless of how much suffering is involved. It fascinates me to imagine what another person’s reality is and the more that I expose myself to, interweaving them and layering them in my mind makes up for my lack of world travel. Or so it seems.

Yesterday morning, after a night of minimal sleep and a lot of Lucas’ crying I woke up feeling a bit raw, numb, and highly fragile. I mostly attributed this to a strong yoga practice the night before wherein I realized about an hour into it that I was dehydrated and in need of a more nutritious diet. [Read: the cookies I ate for dinner the night previous weren’t cutting it. Shocker.]

When I woke, and after Lucas’ father came to take him for the day, I was left with myself. Which always seems to be what I am yearning for when the house is full of noise and chaos, but sometimes, as it was yesterday, I feel a bit lonesome and point-less when Lucas leaves.

Lucas, and the world, are easy for me to become fully immersed in. They’re beautiful, fascinating, and I find a lot of joy in witnessing their beauty and the miracle of their existence. Yet yesterday morning I came to remember, while I grounding myself in a bath, that in my Angels and in God/dess’s eyes, I am just as beautiful and a miracle worthy of all of my energy and focus. Even if it means moving very slowly, softly, and weeping occasionally. As I lay on my back in the tub I said out loud, “I pray to put into myself that which I give to others. As myself, I am the Universe. If I am to love her fully, so then must I love myself.”

But here’s what got me the most. I realized that all of the attention and energy I put towards healing our Earth and others is moot if my self-care is not equal to or greater than that which I give. Otherwise, its like telling the Universe a lie. When we give more to others than we give to ourselves, it says, ‘I value life- just not my own.’ How can the two truths exist simultaneously? They can’t.

This thought allowed me cry a sweet and pure, cleansing and grounding release. Which allowed me to come back into myself and my hearts center without any judgement and I could feel it pouring into the Earth at the same time. This visualization and realization now gives me a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in my roles to provide for my son and planet. Which ultimately is what my seeking outside of myself was intended for. This gives new depth to finding what we’re looking for in the last place we look now doesn’t it.

Truly, this isn’t the first time I have needed to remind myself of these truths, but health and life has a way of dancing back-and-forth. This was my story yesterday, as it was. : ) I invite you to share your perspectives… to teach, release, and cleanse in order to invite more of the abundance of life within. Jai!

  • Do you give to others freely and stall when it comes to your time, body, and space? Or does it come easily? If so, why?
  • How does your self-care resemble or differ from that of your parents? 
  • What rituals help you come back into your *be*ing and tune in to what your body wants and needs?