Water your emotions.

With the grace of courage,
Heat of witness, and
Trust of presence, Let go and
Truth will do the all work for you

And bear gifts all along the way.

Our hearts know no Love like we are about to receive.
Clean up, make room, and don’t worry about the “mess” it takes to make it.
Just watch and breathe.

Let yourself be moved,
releasing the burden
of toting your ego…

There is just too much Love
not to get swept away.



Dark Swell (Installation Documentation), by Georgie Friedman, 2010 from georgie friedman on Vimeo. http://www.georgiefriedman.com


2 thoughts on “Water your emotions.

  1. Beautiful! So true that we can never imagine the greatness that awaits us if we allow it.

    I’d love you to join my Single Parents tribe on http://www.Triberr.com. More info on my blog with the facial hair video:) It’s by invite only, so I’ll DM you an invite via Twitter. Either way, great blog and I’ll be following.

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