Patience Please.

Patience is one of the greatest acts of Love.
I do believe, its true.
Naturally it was my son who taught me.
The true experience of patience.
The true experience of love;
what it means to give and to receive.

Underneath it all it means giving “yourself” up;
Releasing your need to know, control, change, or fix;
in order to take a passive approach.

Most importantly, its about Trusting.
Trust becomes the act of love, right along side patience.
Its as if they were born to become wings
to lift the mind up into Love.

Releasing is of course only one side of the coin. We must be seek to know, control, change, or fix “things” in a relative way. This helps bring rise to form. Case in point that form is only half of the equation.

This was touched on in the documentary I watched last night: Quantum Activist- from a local or nonlocal viewpoint of consciousness. Our local consciousness, or activity of the mind asks for what we need. It is our non-local consciousness, which could be termed God, Flow, Creator, Greater-Intelligence, or Source, whatever you want to call it then organizes the details and gives back to you. Becoming evident in the serendipitous events becoming the stepping stones throughout life’s course in manifesting.

The film was great for many reasons, but another that I will leave you with is a simple song:
do. be. do. be. doooo. Sing it with me… ~ ~ *”

[note to self #123]
do. patience.
be. patience.
do. trust.
be. trust.
do. love.
be. love.

do. (act.)
be. (receive.)

just do. be. and then see…
no need to bother oneself with any more equations.

…its definitely easier said than done.
Yet the magic of life is delightful.


* * *

In an intial proofreading I noticed a phrase in the second sentence of this post.
I *do be*lieve its true.
I love how the Universe is playing fun lil’ tricks all the time.
Isn’t it beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Patience Please.

  1. Patience naturally develops as you begin to see and feel that there is a benevolent force acting upon us. You stop concentrating on what you want to tell life, and start listening to what life is trying to tell you. LOL

    Then you can express yourself, however it is merely out of a desire to share, and not a forceful intention of converting or influencing the other. You send your action out into the world based on faith and love and allow LIFE to use it as it wishes.

    • Definitely! When you can really grasp a sense of respect for yourself too, out of the practice of patience and all the fruits it bears… there is less importance in trying to change anything other than where yourself and where your consciousness resides. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  2. I’d like to comment to say how important this applies to one’s self-love. When we put ourselves in the highest regard, we will wait for only that which we know nourishes us to the highest degree. I’m discovering that level of love for myself in ways I’ve never known previously. Life… you are such an amazing thing to see and be.

    See Be See Be Seeeee. Doesn’t have quiet the same ring to it. 😉

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