"Ganesha" by Boise resident yogini Rachel Teannalach. Prints on sale at Sage Yoga & Wellness on 8th St. Image used with permission.

Just for “firsts” sake, I wanted to post this entry to record the date of Lucas’ first public yoga class! We took a family yoga class at the Sage studio today. He did great! He did a headstand in his very first class as an almost two year old!! Yay Bubba!! Way to teach us about just diving in to life head-first!

He also had a fun time watching and meeting all of the other kids, occasionally clinging to and climbing up my leg as I did the yoga poses, and stacking and knocking down the yoga blocks. Last summer at the Beloved Festival’s kid’s camp he was known as “Lucas the destroyer.” He is my beloved lil’ Shiva that is for sure!

I’d have to say the most beautiful display of Lucas’ heart at the studio today was when he went up to the gorgeous print of Ganesha (pictured above) and HUGGED it!! There was no prompting nor discussion from anyone that would’ve called his attention it. He was drawn to it on his own, walked right over to it, and actually said “Night-night” as he gave it a hug. It melted my heart!

I have this image on my phone and whenever he sees it he says “Daddy.” I’m not quite sure why, but I think it is beautiful especially as Ganesh is a very masculine deity whom can be called upon for protection and to remove fear, along with any real or perceived obstacle that gets in our way from obtaining our dreams.

So, in honor of all of the firsts that await all of us regardless of what stage of life we are in, lets call in the spirit-consciousness of Ganesha to help remove obstacles and protect our pure intentions. Om gan ganapataye namo namah!

Jai Ganesha!


6 thoughts on “Firsts

    • I love the pic of your lil’ man with headphones on! Simply adorbs!! Whenever you’re in Boise be in touch. I’d love to see you both and have a play-date. Much love!!

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