Year of Yoga

This post is technically my third in discussing my intentions, or sankalpa, for 2012. Today in my yoga asana class, my teacher Lori Tindall, asked us to set an intention for the class and then later asked us to consider our intention for the moment, the class, the week, month, year, and our lifetime. I had never considered a sankalpa for my embodiment this lifetime, but the thought made me smile.

Easily my intention for my lifetime is to honor my Truth from the guru within, satguru, and live in harmony with that in action, speech, and thought. Which is a very generalized description of yoga in my book.

Yet, for 2012, I wish to really hunker down into my yogic practices. I tend to be a yogic philosopher more than an active yogi with my asana. The asana (poses) are visited regularly, but not daily or even 3 times a week consistently.

I’d like to change that. SO, after class this morning I concluded that its time for me to state my intention to practice yoga asana for at least 30 minutes (60 minutes+ ideally), 3-5 times a week! I am making that announcement here to hold myself accountable. Plus, if you’re in Boise and interested in practicing with me at my house or taking a class together, lets make it happen.

While I’m discussing sankalpas, I might as well mention that I’d also like to return to jogging and stop driving my car as often and get back to bicycle commuting more regularly.

There ya have it, the 3rd times a charm & final post on intentions for manifesting in the year 2012 and beyond.



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