New Life

flows freely in Me.

The depth that I give sits and waits
for Me, to jump back in.

Oh the pleasure it is
just to be.

Pure power.
Pure potential.

A melding of music.
Environment to contain, co-create, resonate.

My heart listens and waits,
discerning the wisdom to chose

My sound.
My contribution.
My song, a dance.
Allowing me to demonstrate.
My demon.

It is all Love.
There is no other, no evil.
I get to chose.

Eternally, Love.


4 thoughts on “New Life

    • thank you! to inspire you is a very touching thought. *YOU* are so amazing! the art that you are and create… inspires me to become the deeper me that I am, and yet the me that I fear. I’ll get through that eventually….

      • Last night my intention =
        hello. good-bye.

        Your blog and The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying are the things I’m reading.

        breathe in. breathe out.

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