The Next Chapter

Until I, or if I choose to, redirect this site to my new and permanent blog site:, please tune into + share with me there! All of my posts from 2011 -2014 have been transferred. So maybe dive into my archive… If you dare to open that box. 😉 I feel that many of my posts are outdated, and truly they are. I haven’t had internet for almost two years, which played a part in stifling my writing process. I have received a few (ok infinite!) gifts recently that are bridging my writing gap. Yeehaw!!

I am still primarily writing on my ispirations and thoughts on yoga, spirit, consciousness, plus body-mind health & wellness. This definitely represents a new chapter, that eloquently and appropriately, the writings in this blog have given birth to! I am so excited to share with you and see how it all unfolds. Blessings to all.

Many thanks and one love!