absorb love

from every situation, where ever you find yourself and no matter what, everything will be ok.





… is Receiving.

It too is a gift.When we give ourselves the time and space to let it pour through our hearts, bodies, and maybe even our eyes. It opens us up and allows more to come in and through.

Grief affirmations or mantras:

  • I cultivate my empowerment through expressing and releasing my grief.
  • I am not my grief, but my awareness of my grief.
  • I open myself up to more Light, Love, and Joy in this cleansing process.
  • I am Love in all of its forms. I am Love.
  • I give myself this time to grieve, and then I return to me, to be. (A great tool if you just want to give yourself a specific amount of time to sit with the grief.)
  • Om Mani Padme Hum // May all beings to be free from suffering.
Grief is often a sign of transformation occurring in our lives. When we come into an awareness of our new-found growth, joys, or place in life through the experience we grieve, we can bring our perspective into that of gratitude.
Freely forgive yourself for wanting to judge your grief process, if that comes up for you as it can for me, and remind yourself that we will always be children of the Universe. We will always be learning and growing. Give yourself permission to Love yourself as though you are your own child; unconditionally.
Turning to creative outlets in the process of grief is a wonderful tool for emotions to come into form and leave your body. Tears do not have to be synonymous with grief, although they can be helpful! Paint, draw, write, turn to music, or move through deeply seeded emotions without any need to understand them. Eventually, there might even come a feeling of gratitude or celebration for the process of the grief itself.
* Do you have any rhythms or rituals surrounding your grief process? 
* What creative outlets do you turn to, to release or comfort yourself through grief? 
* Do you have a favorite affirmation or mantra to support your grief process? 
In celebration for the gift of life, Jai!