Keeping in tune
with yin,
with in.

Outward movement, y observation.
My babies, mi niño, y mijo.

Greater trochanter,
ego, child…

Es segura niña.
Birthing unfamiliar.

Mi familia
en inglés
amando por Armando.

Heart-mind opens
pink into kind-hearted,
supple red.

Tears of sunshine kisses.
Rubbing the white feathers out of my eyes I am feed. I can see!

No big fucKINGQUEEN deal.
Nada del otro mundo.

Same, Same.

Releasing, releasing.
This moment gloriously shows itself.

A story in one hand, opportunity in the breath, perspective in the mind, and one hand on the heart.


I breathe.
practice complete.

To be continueYin’d.


Summer Lovin

is what I do.

I love all the time.
I love my, eh-hem… job?, all of the time.
I love reiki-massage, and my thirst for life.

I love touching a person gently and not knowing, or caring to discern “why” (relatively).
I love giving a person source-energy and talking with them about life and love.
I love when people tell me that they feel safe with me and no one else.

I love when people fall asleep and wake themselves up from auditory-confirmations of their said relaxed state.
I love when it becomes electric-lightning and suddenly jolts their body into a new consciousness!
I love when a gentle moment is heard in a soft exhalation.
I love my tingsha bells.
I love the vibration of purity and the song it makes in between.
I love your anger and your tears.
I love my own.
I love Palo Santo.

I love the quiet comfort of the northend home in which I practice.
I love the people on foot and bikes outside, and even my occasionally noisy neighbor when he randomly shouts out “belly button,” and I realize its truly a message from above… or beside.


I love placing stones on you.
I love that you bring your own and I have mine.
I love that we share.
I love that I see you not only here, but there.
I love that this is ours, our city, our experience, our friendship, our Earth-ship!!
Yes! I do love getting carried away in flow…
Oh Boise,
I love our river.

The water, the earth-mother, she blesses us and takes us back into her every time we gently lay our feet near her bed. When we rest our head, near her current, trusting her presence, breathing our blessings.

Thank you great mOther.
In Oneness, we share her.


Photo used under CC.


Let us meet at our river beds, make art, share love, dance, praise, swim, and sing of our heart’s greatest dreams! Jai!

Photo used under CC.

Waves lapping


my warm heart slowly melting golden,
dripping down to the ground.
A tree, my Self,
softening and sapping.

Yellow, orange, amber
rolling down, down, closer to the ground
into one another. Blending with
light, sight and your eyes.

Waves lapping,
ocean of time
beyond my mind and
in my breath.

Ardha Chandrasana,
a balancing waxing/waning moon.

Butterfly wing,
heart kisses.
Eyes of my child
fasten my root to earth.

And to my infinite mother
thank you.

New Life

flows freely in Me.

The depth that I give sits and waits
for Me, to jump back in.

Oh the pleasure it is
just to be.

Pure power.
Pure potential.

A melding of music.
Environment to contain, co-create, resonate.

My heart listens and waits,
discerning the wisdom to chose

My sound.
My contribution.
My song, a dance.
Allowing me to demonstrate.
My demon.

It is all Love.
There is no other, no evil.
I get to chose.

Eternally, Love.


Photo used under CC.

a melody in me
waiting to be
kissed into life.

to unite
to my love
and take flight;
move swift and far
shooting stars we are.

gratitude embraced
on a long lost moon-
filled night never ending.
geese calling out,
weaving a new mother story.

she waits for truth
an awakened touch;
a spark of light
abreast the blackest of nights.
a yoke with flow
to let go, to be held and

a king of great valor
accomplished and honest.
scientifically evolved
an equation yet to be solved.
reduce, combine
test through time.

into all
the space of me.