exists all around us
in beauty, in creation
in love, in death
in song, in dance.
a vibration is infinite.

or maybe its more like a propelled boomerang…
spinning in the air until it arrives from whence it came.
either way, mindfully giving that which we want for ourselves and our children is key.

none of this is new to you i’m sure.
i just want to pay homage to the beauty of the world.
the beauty that is the world.
the pain and joy that is love.
the gift that is music.
the song that is my heart and dance.
the beat of my chest and rise of my breath.
the smile that is your face.
the love that is my son.
the mountains.
the sea.
the depths of me…..

there is so much glory surrounding us that its easy to forget.
there are always two ways of looking upon any experience or person.
whatever we wish to see we have to look for.
i’m learning and practicing and repeating the two.

tell me,
what inspires you…..




Its been on my mind lately.
As has yoga.

I am so very excited, and a wee bit nervous in a great way, to make my triumphant return to teaching yoga! This Sunday at Sage Yoga and Wellness I will be teaching their FREE Karma Yoga class from 10-11am.

Sunday we will explore the concepts of liberation in our bodies and in our yoga practice. It’ll be fun as we explore ideas like impermanence, prana, movement, liberation, creation, and JOY! All in the beautiful space of Sage Yoga Studio, above Bittercreek & Red Feather on 8th Street in downtown Boise.


Teaching yoga fell into my lap and it took me a little while to become comfortable with it. It still causes me a healthy amount of stress when considering classes, but this is a seed of my inspiration and it helps me examine the world around me, and my place in it from a yogic standpoint. Which is easily one of my favorite parts of teaching yoga. It keeps me grounded, holds me accountable, and it gives me boundless potential to observe and chose the lens from which I see the world.

Yogis do hold deep wisdoms and have gained insights through deep meditation and lifetimes of asana. But I am here to tell you that if you just start by paying attention and observing everything in your life through the eyes of a reverent artist, you too will be well on your way to becoming a yogi in my book!

But lets not forget the asanas, aka yoga poses… they have a beautiful way of expanding our reverent-artist-lens repertoire. So join me Sunday as we explore yoga together! I am very happy to take a small break in my role as student, to shift my mat to the front of the room and hold space, set intention, and maintain focus for us as we embark upon a wondrous yogic adventure together.



Heidi Jae has instructed yoga for Boise State University’s Recreation Center for 3 years, has studied yoga through YogaFit, and is currently enrolled in the Shanti Yoga school 200RYT program.

New Moon Inspiration. Gemini. 2011.

Moon dusting off the old.

The ghosts of DNA,

deep deep darkness

unconsciousness made conscious.

Blackness illuminated.

This experience is wrapped with a bow.

…a bow, of gratitude.

Wait, wrapped in a bow?

I meant a moat.

A moat that IS the castle-

the destination; immersion.

G’head get dirty, feel it, touch it and wear it within.

Within all that you meet. Let the darkness define

the white, glossy smile of your teeth.

My ghost is the shield of security my heart space has created… long ago, a few years back, and of course again recently. My soul has partially escaped each time. Its been seeking to return to the Cosmos, yet also committed in sacred contract to this lovely form I call home, aka my body. Divided and protected, I can never win. So its time to undo and redo.

Family is redefining itself in every avenue. My blessings- my teachers- reiki, bodywork; my healers, yogins, and Angels. They’re helping me hear the whisper:  ‘It is safe. It is safe. It is safe to Love… and be Loved!!’

Moats don’t have to be muddy, they surely represent the unknown depth of our emotion. Yet doesn’t that mean that once cleared, it is Love deeper than I’ve known? That it is joy expressed and felt more richly than I have known since youth? And Peace that has shown its face to me in mountaintops, yet that I know is as accessible to me as the dishes stacked in my sink.

The whispers I’ve been gifted through all of this, are my saving Grace. I have never been so vulnerable, malleable, and powerful… capable of intense, radical transformation.

…so Dark, yet sure of the presence of Light.

This Light is the seed of God and wisdom, found  sitting in my belly and guided by my body and heart’s symphony. My third eye is able to see God’s vision, my vision, and my royal Crown chakra- realizing that none of this is mine. I am merely a vessel to do Gods work. I give in, I surrender. I release… I feel the sadness from my heart’s attachments but all I know is that I am a child wrapped in a Divine embrace. Just as my son cries from the lack of awareness or understanding… I trust that I am a child, an infant of God and what I need abounds me.

I pray:

to not forget myself for I know SHe never has.

to continue to hear my heart and Angels wisdom; synchronistic, symbolic, and dreamed.

to have the heart- the courage, to let my mind go. let the critic go. let the fear go.

to remember: I am safe; to love, to be loved, to laugh. …and play. I have done nothing wrong, I do not need permission or approval.

to forgive myself for wanting to judge- myself and others. And to release and remember: it is safe… to love and be loved. I have done nothing wrong, I do not need permission or approval. G’head… laugh at the old way. Why not? It is silly, now that I can see.

Lastly yet foremost, I pray to be guided to live my life in such a way that I am harmoniously serving myself, my family, Mother Earth, and all Life in purity for the highest good of all involved.

Om Shanti Namaste.