New Life

flows freely in Me.

The depth that I give sits and waits
for Me, to jump back in.

Oh the pleasure it is
just to be.

Pure power.
Pure potential.

A melding of music.
Environment to contain, co-create, resonate.

My heart listens and waits,
discerning the wisdom to chose

My sound.
My contribution.
My song, a dance.
Allowing me to demonstrate.
My demon.

It is all Love.
There is no other, no evil.
I get to chose.

Eternally, Love.


“the breath inside the breath.”

“God is the breath inside of the breath.” This symbolizes the importance of having sthira and sukha in our breath and lives. Strength and firmness alongside grace and ease. When the breath is steady and easy, we are probably doing pretty well at aligning ourselves with spirt and finding union (yoga.)

Photo used under CC.

During this special time of year as we enter into winter’s darkness and light continues to slip away until the solstice, we can easily stoke our fires with community, and even better by community in action together. Of course, another name for that would be yoga! Or life in union & action. [disclaimer: of course a yogi would note that action can also be inaction.] ; )

I was re-inspried by the word commUnity lately. By the acts of my friends, family and our collective works to occupying the world from the place of our hearts. COMMerce + UNITY = COMMUNITY! Together alone is the way to becoming 100% occupied. In unity we create so much more, by showing up and giving something we have. I am amazed by the generosity of friends this holiday season as they have been donating much needed items to me and Bubs to keep us warm and happy this winter. Thank you friends that have been doing that for me. I love you all infinitelyyyyyyy!

I’ve received many blessings in the past week that I wouldn’t have imagined months ago and my heart has been breaking open with gratitude! In the darkness that I am finding myself in this season, a sweet pure energy flows up and through from an abundant source and it inspires me to share that flame with you.

For starters I’d like to join in breath and then slowly explore space with our bodies to d a n c e in y/our breath and bones with me and our good friends, sthira & sukha in yoga asana practice… or on the dance floor. I plan on visiting them both as much as possible this winter.

I have been enjoying some new yogic inspiration that is begging me to play a little in my practice. I’ve been plotting and playing in asana for my yoga classes. Which just so happens to bring about a lot of dancing around with Bubs in our living room too. : ) They’re super good times!

Come join if you can and if not, I will see your shine there instead. Namaste~*!

Yoga: Next Monday only at 10 am at Sage Yoga & Wellness & every Wednesday at 9:30 at Body Renew on Vista!


dance the fruit

a fragile strand.

the nimble spider’s thread.

trans parent tinsel

once binding, yet

i am reweaving it again.


heart connections hidden

buried in art boxes, titles, and organic

member ships.

I feel, i breathe,

and so begin again.


Love true? imbalancing act fell through.

net not needed.

thats how it all began.


fall fall, fall down.

there is no end.

momentarily disconnecting, back to


the space within.


finding comfort in death and darkness,

wherein Hel begins.

A goddess, (which?)

crafting and creating from her fiery womb;

a tomb for each realized illusion

and faulty karmic equation.


awareness bound through

the supple belly.

softly moving, rising,

guiding breath in.


the breath we share,

in that space, we

dance there.


seduce yourself, get high

on whats given

and dance the fruit

of next season.


Moments when I feel my heart expand past the space that is my body, to envelope the entire scene; natural beauty, an emotion, the vitality of the now! Ahhh! Splendor! I have yet to proclaim that i’m a tantric yogini, but I do believe that is where my path is aligning me.

This morning, after a delightful breakfast of organic eggs, spinach, and Mike’s Killer Bread (Powerseed) with the Papa Bear and wee sprout, Lucas and I danced to Digable Planet’s “Cool Like That” around the living room. He is a dancer now. Bouncing his head and bobbing his knees… or maybe its vice versa either way, its pure joy.

This morning though, I held him as I couldn’t help but feel the stand-up bass erect my spine and vibrate every membrane containing my cells and structure while beckoning me to dance. That is always how it happens for me. I have never quite understood how some people need to be intoxicated to dance. I can’t help but dance when the rhythm calls. Its the best form of mental “sickness” a person could ask for. While dancing with him today, I was embracing and holding our joy, loving our laughter, squealing with sublimity!

In loving music, loving dance, and adding another layer to that mix; the proverbial frosting to the cake: Loving your child- the infinite manifestation and gift of love, and adding them all together… I could not ask for a better, yet more simple gift towards enlightenment. These are the moments in which I find my yoga, my union, to the divine in me, and beyond- in everything.

This post might be slightly cheesy, slightly cliché, but that is the mothereffin beauty. Lets be childlike with laughter at our egos and personas. Whether or not we realize our own humility, we are not the creators of magnificent. If we are so lucky, we experience the magnificence of our creator in our creative expressions. Be it an awakened act of gratitude through personal expression… hopefully. Shit, that is definitely not where I wanted to go with this, but I like it so I’ll leave it in for now.

Let me end in saying, this moment, happened an hour ago and my heart is still outside of myself. Loving everything this moment is affording. Thank you dear ones, everyone in all of time’s expansion, that afforded that moment, and this [and this and this and this…] to be!

Om Shanti Namaste. Jai!