exists all around us
in beauty, in creation
in love, in death
in song, in dance.
a vibration is infinite.

or maybe its more like a propelled boomerang…
spinning in the air until it arrives from whence it came.
either way, mindfully giving that which we want for ourselves and our children is key.

none of this is new to you i’m sure.
i just want to pay homage to the beauty of the world.
the beauty that is the world.
the pain and joy that is love.
the gift that is music.
the song that is my heart and dance.
the beat of my chest and rise of my breath.
the smile that is your face.
the love that is my son.
the mountains.
the sea.
the depths of me…..

there is so much glory surrounding us that its easy to forget.
there are always two ways of looking upon any experience or person.
whatever we wish to see we have to look for.
i’m learning and practicing and repeating the two.

tell me,
what inspires you…..



Moments when I feel my heart expand past the space that is my body, to envelope the entire scene; natural beauty, an emotion, the vitality of the now! Ahhh! Splendor! I have yet to proclaim that i’m a tantric yogini, but I do believe that is where my path is aligning me.

This morning, after a delightful breakfast of organic eggs, spinach, and Mike’s Killer Bread (Powerseed) with the Papa Bear and wee sprout, Lucas and I danced to Digable Planet’s “Cool Like That” around the living room. He is a dancer now. Bouncing his head and bobbing his knees… or maybe its vice versa either way, its pure joy.

This morning though, I held him as I couldn’t help but feel the stand-up bass erect my spine and vibrate every membrane containing my cells and structure while beckoning me to dance. That is always how it happens for me. I have never quite understood how some people need to be intoxicated to dance. I can’t help but dance when the rhythm calls. Its the best form of mental “sickness” a person could ask for. While dancing with him today, I was embracing and holding our joy, loving our laughter, squealing with sublimity!

In loving music, loving dance, and adding another layer to that mix; the proverbial frosting to the cake: Loving your child- the infinite manifestation and gift of love, and adding them all together… I could not ask for a better, yet more simple gift towards enlightenment. These are the moments in which I find my yoga, my union, to the divine in me, and beyond- in everything.

This post might be slightly cheesy, slightly cliché, but that is the mothereffin beauty. Lets be childlike with laughter at our egos and personas. Whether or not we realize our own humility, we are not the creators of magnificent. If we are so lucky, we experience the magnificence of our creator in our creative expressions. Be it an awakened act of gratitude through personal expression… hopefully. Shit, that is definitely not where I wanted to go with this, but I like it so I’ll leave it in for now.

Let me end in saying, this moment, happened an hour ago and my heart is still outside of myself. Loving everything this moment is affording. Thank you dear ones, everyone in all of time’s expansion, that afforded that moment, and this [and this and this and this…] to be!

Om Shanti Namaste. Jai!