A friend sent this to me today.

There are many jewels that make it worth watching. Like this one:

“We know every thing about trees but we stopped learning from trees. What happened to us? Where did we get the illusion that because I know the chemistry of the tree I know the tree?”

This quote about a tree, and what he goes on to speak about wisdom is what drives my life. Yet, also, what I am in the process of learning at the same time too.

AMO LA VIDA from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

We have forgotten that we are not separate.
I know some would point directly to Newtonian physics (linear perspective) as to why we know longer seek to learn *from* the tree.

Do you see that we are not separate from plants?
Or animals for that matter?

They are conscious energy manifested.
As are we.

Each plant and animal has its own vibration, its own lessons.
Indigenous cultures all over the world have known this from the dawn of civilization.

If you’re one of the few readers of this blog, you probably are already aware of these phenomena. Yet, if you aren’t, just start to look around and pay attention and do little more than just that, to listen and connect and see what you start to discover.

The answers will not come all at once. But thats what makes the course of life so much more exciting. It gives us enough time and space to see and to put it all together. Yet still be just as mesmerized by the questions.

So beautiful it is, the world we live in.


* * *

Current science is starting to accept this truth- that all living matter is connected. I only have a few sources such as The Secret Life of Plants and The Quantum Activist as readily viewed resources on Netflix streaming. However I highly recommend Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” book for a highly detailed explanation of the nature of energy in our bodies. Although this doesn’t quite show the link to all living matter right away, you have to put pieces of knowledge together a bit. In yoga this would be explained through the Pranamaya Kosha. A living web that all life is connected and woven through; one giantasaurus tapestry if you will. Just do a google search for more information on that if you’d like. But also… don’t forget to fall in love with the mystery. ; )



is my truest lover.
He’s an old soul.
He teaches me with wisdom beyond my awareness,
and can be stern to gain my attention…

Yet ever loving and tender at the gift
of my love, humility and servitude.

Obedience has come into my body,
to cleanse this blood; my most intimate inter-weavings
of this celestial, chemical, herstory-history and ancestry.

I call upon it to touch and turn
my dark soft soil, supporting
my supple, yet sturdy root.

Nourish me ancient masters
until I am no longer thirsty!
Water; the portal; into my joy, pleasure and creativity!

The illusion only takes me
when I forget our divinity.

Devotion is the Salvation
pay no matter from whence its came forth.

Obedience *is* the devotion.
Our hearts greatest protector and
My True Love’s greatest ambassador.

Thank you Magician for never leaving this Fool.