I have so many ideas on a daily basis of what I want to write. Yet, I have not made myself sit down and write them, but this is not to say, I won’t. If anyone reading this would like my viewpoints on any particular topic, please ask. It might actually get me to sit my butt down and write instead of sleeping in late with my son or allow me to get creative in finding some more “me” time. So yes, please, ask!

What I feel the most called to write, I would like to learn more about myself. I don’t know if this blogging thing is truly the best outlet for the style in which I want to write. I do think it will be fun and helpful, yet I know I have a desire to write in depth on more than a few topics.

Since I am suffering blogwriter’s block I am at least going to post my list of “to writes.” I have many ideas and thoughts on:

*Consciousness as it relates to compassion and healing.

*Christ Consciousness and its potential to revolutionize religion.

*Grief and Guilt being our ultimate teachers and therefor healers.

*Joy through self-expression and acceptance.

*Compassionately loving ourselves and therefor Forgiveness.

*Abundance and Freedom

Interesting enough, all of these things could be in the same post.

Wait, I think I’ve got it! Yes, I do want to dive into some research and interview some über-brainy people I have the pleasure of knowing, but I will start with my current perspective and just get it flowing. This is what I wanted to do originally, but of course, I was being my own-inner critic and wanting to write a post that would satiate my deepest questions. I forget to give myself some credit, in that I have already learned a lot that I could share with you.

So, in closing, I would like to offer my thanks to you for reading my thoughts, and to this post, for allowing my process to come full circle and unblock my heart and voice from its own fear. Yes, more to come from this Jae Mama!