Numerically Speaking, a blessing.

Numerically speaking, today had some importance for my family of 3.
My partner James, aka Hi-may, as well as Jaíme, would tell you that the number 3 represents expansion. … Triangles, pyramids, and new families… thats the summation I’m going to give. Hopefully, we’re on the same page.

But today was a neat day, numerically speaking, for my son Lucas. He turned 9 months old today. … 9 months on the inside, 9 months now on the outside.

Lucas was born 01/23/10, and today of course was 10/23/10. … 0 1 (10)/23/10!

So this, I decided, made it a Universally approved and perfect day to celebrate his life and come together to offer our love as a token of our gratitude for the wonderful blessing that he already is.

We sat in a circle, friends and family. The Maestro Mason Lucas and Peter Tano coming together to sing ancient songs, embracing the glorious traits that we already are. We lit candles, shared smiles, opened our hearts and laughed with Lucas as he crawled around the floor and sang his sweet baby songs. He knew somehow, that all of those people there came together for him. I could see in his face that he already knew some of the songs, OMs and Row Row Row Your Boat (his favorite song) more specifically. As well as others, one in which was the first song we sang to him within the first hour of his life.

I come from a traditional background. A “Western” mindset if you will. My natural response to most situations is what has been “ingrained” in my cells. However, in passing time, my more “Eastern” influences take over. For instance, when I found out I was pregnant, I planned on giving birth in a hospital for the first few months. I have to throw in the disclaimer that I did know from the beginning that I wanted a midwive to be my caretaker and had planned for that. Anyway, in a matter of months, I realized what my heart already knew- that I would feel more uncomfortable giving birth in a hospital, even with the option of pain-relief,  than I would in a serene birthing center. The important thing here is that I knew what was right for me, not everyone.

So call it my traditional roots, that made me want to have a ceremony for Lucas as a baby. Yet, I knew it wasn’t about baptizing him. Today was an opportunity to celebrate the blessing that he is for us in our lives. To honor the teacher that he is for us in every moment. Babies come to us with only one concern: presence. They need to feel connected to their loved ones, heard, and seen through the infinite space and gift of shared presence.

I feel blessed beyond words every morning and night, knowing this little boy’s heart through and through, as he lays beside me. I know that each moment is a gift, and that it could be taken away at any time. I feel immense gratitude that I am the lucky one to be the one chosen to love, care for, and know my son.

I am sure every parent feels the same. Knowing this kind of love is why life is never the same once you’ve become a parent. The colors of the world are more vibrant and rich, and there are no words to describe.

How sweet it is.