Beltane Remembrances

Five years ago today, I sat in sacred plant ceremony for the first time. I peeled away the layers of this world that I knew and felt comfortable with. It was terrifying. Yet, when I realized there was no escaping it and let go, I received spiritual guidance and support to remove restrictions in my mind and body and unify with love consciousness… the energy of abundance, truth, and emptiness.

A realization that there is enough in this very moment, for myself and everyone, to live peacefully in the NOW. (Read: Let your dramas go!)

I was given the opportunity to rebirth myself, to find my way. I am not a perfected being of course, but I will always carry that experience with me in my heart and not only believe, but know, it is the ultimate truth for us all.

There is always enough time and energy for love. Drop your judgements, this moment is unfolding, feel it with love in your heart and body… even if it’s bearing loving witness to horrendous pain.

Be a portal for an expression, rather than playing a role for a particular outcome.

May all beings be free of suffering. Blessed May Day wishes to us all!~*°


2012: Nonjudgment Day Is Here.

First of all, Happy New Year! Lets celebrate this new beginning and remember, that every moment is a new opportunity with vast space for new creation. Lets seek opportunity and honor the blessing of contentment in every special moment. : )

I have been receiving guidance, for myself and for a few people that come to seek healing work with me professionally, on the nature of forgiveness quite heavily in 2011. It has been quite revolutionary and I’ve found myself saying things that I never imagined I would hear myself say. Mostly because of where the inspiration came from; Jesus Christ. More on that in another post, another day…

Forgiveness is the vessel that carries nonjudgment into our hearts and bodies. Without it, especially without self-forgiveness, we will constantly build walls between ourselves and what we perceive on the outside, and without a doubt from any particular “place” we aspire to be and grow into.

Its easy to say, but we are all interconnected. That which we give, truly is what becomes us and our vibration. Every thought we contain in our minds is like an accessory in the wardrobes of our lives. If you have had life experience that gave you that wisdom internally, it is easy to understand how important our thoughts, words, and actions are.

You might be thinking that judgment is what helps you know what you like and what you don’t and what to surround yourself with. However, judgement is different than discernment in a big, big way. Judgement is something that we create. When we say something is something, an energy, feeling-tone, or vibration is created out of thin air. It creates a force; a momentum, which carries you along with it. When we discern that something isn’t for us, we simply know that isn’t and move on. We don’t create an invisible band that connects us to it, we simply “swim on” and pass right by, unaffected and clear to receive and create that which we chose.

I find people who judge others, especially to solidify their social-political status, to be very ugly people. Now, if that isn’t an ironic and slightly judgmental statement. However, I *know* that its really a sign of insecurity and that they are in need of cultivating a higher love for themselves. Which always brings a sense of compassion into my soul quickly and I forgive them and move on. I promise, I’m not a saint, but I know the pain of not loving oneself truly and fully so its easy for me to forgive another in that position. We are all in that position, its why we’re on Earth.

Which is why forgiveness and nonjudgment are so important for myself, and for everyone right now. In the work that I’ve done that has taught me about the importance of forgiveness and nonjudgment, it has been because of an intuitive understanding and application of the energetic shifts that our planet is in the process of undergoing. For more info on that, Google terms such as: Procession of the Equinox, Divine Feminine resurgence, & Drunvalo Melchizedek for starters.

With these higher frequencies we are coming into contact with, our heart-space is learning how to operate in a new way. Much like learning a new language or motor-skill. We move from a lack of an ability into a new skill. Quite simply we are learning how to move from conditioned love into unconditional love. Conditional love is embedded deeply into all of our cells through ancestral connection. It is said that we carry ties to the past 7 generations within the DNA in the cells of our bodies.

This is big stuff that we are learning how to heal and evolve out of.

Once upon a time, a select group of people had an ability to take something pure and use it to create power for themselves. Think Roman Catholic imperialism, eventually US imperialism, & the NWO. And out of that, a notion to wipe out traditional practices which were often Shamanic and Mother Earth based, to establish control through judgment (conditioned love) and one particular story of Jesus was born.

This may sound like I’m an anti-Christian, but truly its the opposite. I believe there is some serious enlightenment concerning the Truth of Jesus Christ that deserves to be brought into Light. I seek to learn more of these Truths, from the well of my heart-space, as well.

With the shifts taking place on our planet, access to Christ Consciousness energy has heightened. I think thats the essence of what those silly Rapture-Christians were picking up on and unfortunately completely confused about.

But what does heightened access to that energy mean? Quite simply:

You see, Jesus Christ was just a man who discovered/embodied alignment with source energy and wanted to teach others how to do the same in their already inherently perfect state as men and women. I believe his connection to source energy allowed him to be a Reiki Master in the highest degree and that is how he healed people. I should note that these notions are not endorsed by traditional Tibetan & Usui Reiki Masters- to my knowledge. However, it is my view and my teaching as a Usui & Tibetan Miss Masta Reiki Love Blasta! Lol. I couldn’t help myself, sorry. ; )

Wow. This post turned epic on me! Which wasn’t my intention, but it is what needs to be said. It is really what I’ve been aching to say and explain, and yet, its just the beginning.

The days of judgement are over, especially for me. I’m here to say it and embody it as best as I can. I am beyond tired when it comes to critiquing myself for what I did and didn’t do. I chose to live fully, openly, and lovingly in my body. I know out of experience that this means that I will continue to rock the boat, alienate myself, and yet that I will be guided towards authentic beauty, relationships, and gifts beyond what my ego may believe to be acceptable.

2012 is the beginning of complete self-acceptance for me. I forgive myself and everyone else for that matter. This does not mean I accept everything into my life, but that I discern what I want, without judgment, and let go of all that does not serve my Truth. In my ability to cultivate forgiveness and nonjudgment, I create limitless potential for love and joy. Thank you to all the powers that be, the teachers and guides who have brought me, and all of us, to the blessed moment and year.


Patience Please.

Patience is one of the greatest acts of Love.
I do believe, its true.
Naturally it was my son who taught me.
The true experience of patience.
The true experience of love;
what it means to give and to receive.

Underneath it all it means giving “yourself” up;
Releasing your need to know, control, change, or fix;
in order to take a passive approach.

Most importantly, its about Trusting.
Trust becomes the act of love, right along side patience.
Its as if they were born to become wings
to lift the mind up into Love.

Releasing is of course only one side of the coin. We must be seek to know, control, change, or fix “things” in a relative way. This helps bring rise to form. Case in point that form is only half of the equation.

This was touched on in the documentary I watched last night: Quantum Activist- from a local or nonlocal viewpoint of consciousness. Our local consciousness, or activity of the mind asks for what we need. It is our non-local consciousness, which could be termed God, Flow, Creator, Greater-Intelligence, or Source, whatever you want to call it then organizes the details and gives back to you. Becoming evident in the serendipitous events becoming the stepping stones throughout life’s course in manifesting.

The film was great for many reasons, but another that I will leave you with is a simple song:
do. be. do. be. doooo. Sing it with me… ~ ~ *”

[note to self #123]
do. patience.
be. patience.
do. trust.
be. trust.
do. love.
be. love.

do. (act.)
be. (receive.)

just do. be. and then see…
no need to bother oneself with any more equations.

…its definitely easier said than done.
Yet the magic of life is delightful.


* * *

In an intial proofreading I noticed a phrase in the second sentence of this post.
I *do be*lieve its true.
I love how the Universe is playing fun lil’ tricks all the time.
Isn’t it beautiful!